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Our mission is to help more and more women able to have the convenient and comfortable breast cancer screening frequently at the most cost saving. We are accomplishing this target by providing our beloved women with advanced medical devices as well as an active healthcare system, where our women can examine breast cancer in their beast ideal conditions.

Braster device is an innovative brakethough belonging to the BreastLifeTester project co-financed by the European Regional Development Program. Braster applies the exclusive and harmless contact thermography technology to captures images of inside breast then send them to iCloud by the mobile application Braster Care, which also provides guidance for user to easily perform examination at home. The thermal images shall be analyzed and interpreted by AI system and reviewed by European doctors.

Screening breast cancer regularly is the best way to detect abnormal changes (if any) at early stage. Early cancer detection brings up valuable opportunity for patient to receive more efficient treatment with better result at lower cost. Finding breast cancer is one of the most important factors to survive. Understanding this crucial role of early breast cancer detection, YSCAN are on the way to develop our channels for involving more people to help more women easily access Braster device and our services, that includes:

  •           – Purchase Braster device for using at home
  •           – Get breast screening by Braster at clinics
  •           – Self examine at home by Braster service online request


Yscan – We are reliable friends with Vietnamese women.


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